Anthrax – Worship Music

Ok, so it’s a little late for a review for this album, but it’s my site…..

Anyways…Anthrax to me has always been Joey Belladonna on vocals. Sorry. But that’s it. You can have John Bush, Dan Nelson, anyone else, it’s not Anthrax. THIS is Anthrax. For some reason, the band just sounds….better…heavier…The songs are more epic. Hands down, this is THE BEST Anthrax album ever. And it’s no coincidence Belladonna is back. One listen to the opener, “Earth on Hell”, and you know you’re in for a ride. The singles “Devil You Know” and “Fight em Til You Can’t” kick ass. The incredibly moody, “In The End”, may be the best song they have ever recorded. That’s not to say there isn’t a weak point here. “Crawl” seems like filler, and “The Constant” seems like they get a little lost. But the album ends with the ferocious “Revolution Screams”. Overall, a solid 9/10!!!!! Keep it going!!!!!



Battlecross – Pursuit Of Honor

Here is a new band from Canton, Michigan. They kick ass. Holy fucking shit, do they kick ass. This is going to be the next great metal band out there today. Just listen to the lead single, “Push Pull Destroy”, or “Man Of Stone”. Fast, furious, and no holds barred. The lead singer’s name is Kyle “Gumby” Gunther. What’s more metal than Gumby? NOTHING!!!!!! They will be playing this winter with In Flames, and I’m going to check them out. You should too. 10/10!!!!!!!

In This Moment – Blood

Now, understand I am NOT a fan of In This Moment. I find Maria Brink’s vocal style to be annoying and not pleasing to the ear. That being said, this disc is surprisingly enjoyable. There are actual songs here, with actual singing! That doesn’t mean there aren’t some horrible moments….listen to “Whore” to get your dose of annoying vocals…but there are places in which her style works. Listen to “You’re Gonna Listen”, “Blood”, or “Adrenalize”. Awesome work here! Musically, I always thought of this band as terrible metalcore. You can tell this band is growing musically, possibly even maturing…saying, don’t just look at our singer, LISTEN TO US!!!!!! For proof, check out “Burn”. This disc goes out with a whimper, though, with two throwaway songs at the end, “The Blood Legion” and “11:11”. Overall, though, a solid release, and this band may pick up some new fans along the way. Solid 8/10.