Megadeth- Super Collider

Dave Mustaine is back with a new disc of material. Notice I said Dave Mustaine and not Megadeth, because I firmly believe that Mustaine plays with who he wants, when he wants. That being said, he has Cris Broderick on guitar, and Shawn Drover on drums, along with Dave Ellefson(again) on bass.

This disc is, well, meh. It has its moments, such as Kingmaker, Built For War, Dance In The Rain, (with Disturbed/Device vocalist David Draiman on guest vocals), and Don’t Turn Your Back….., all solid tunes, some thrash, fast fiffing, great drumming, up tempo stuff. Classic Megadeth.

There is also a Thin Lizzy cover of the song Cold Sweat, which, although not a thrash monster, it may well be the best song on the disc, simply because Mustaine sounds like he is putting real effort and emotion in this particular song. More on this later.

The rest of the disc, while not what I would call filler material, it certainly isn’t Megadeth. Some straight out hard rock songs, which might be good for anyone else, it certainly isn’t for Megadeth, and maybe would be better off on a solo effort by Mustaine. There’s even a banjo on the intro to The Blackest Crow.

Now onto what is really bugging me about this disc, and it may be for no reason other than the fact that Dave Mustaine is now 51, and turning 52 in September. The vocals are so sub par, it’s ridiculous. No passion, just very…..blah. Other than the Thin Lizzy track, it’s very bland, dull, and boring. If he can’t bring it vocally anymore, that’s one thing, but if he can, and doesn’t, that’s another thing altogether. I can’t think of what is worse.

This disc is average for Megadeth. Anyone else, it might be okay. But with other metal veterans, Anthrax and Testament to name a few, cranking out some of the best metal they have EVER put out just recently, I think Mustaine and company could do better. 7/10, and that’s a gift………


In This Moment – Blood

Now, understand I am NOT a fan of In This Moment. I find Maria Brink’s vocal style to be annoying and not pleasing to the ear. That being said, this disc is surprisingly enjoyable. There are actual songs here, with actual singing! That doesn’t mean there aren’t some horrible moments….listen to “Whore” to get your dose of annoying vocals…but there are places in which her style works. Listen to “You’re Gonna Listen”, “Blood”, or “Adrenalize”. Awesome work here! Musically, I always thought of this band as terrible metalcore. You can tell this band is growing musically, possibly even maturing…saying, don’t just look at our singer, LISTEN TO US!!!!!! For proof, check out “Burn”. This disc goes out with a whimper, though, with two throwaway songs at the end, “The Blood Legion” and “11:11”. Overall, though, a solid release, and this band may pick up some new fans along the way. Solid 8/10.