Red – Release The Panic

Red is a Christian rock band from Nashville. Notice I said CHRISTIAN rock band. Which is interesting, because the lyrical content of this cd is, well, quite negative, full of hate and anger. I don’t have a problem with it, I just wonder why they are a religious band. I think of Christian rock, and I think of Stryper, I guess. Anyways, onto the album itself. It’s not good. It starts out well enough. The first 3 songs are great. “Release The Panic”, the first video from the album, is a straight out rocker. Follow that with “Perfect Life”, and “Die For You”, and they’re on their way. But they get lost. A lot of techno stuff going on here, a couple of ballads thrown in, and a few mid tempo songs that don’t do anything. It’s too bad, the album started out with such promise. Maybe next time. 3/10……

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